There is no more cost effective way to add comfortable living space to your home than to improve a garage, or covered patio area with a beautiful epoxy floor.

“Quickly turn your garage into a game room, or your patio into an outdoor family room.”


Epoxy floors are perfect for your:


  • Garage

  • Laundry Area

  • Patio

  • Meeting Hall

  • Mud Room

  • Kitchen

  • Factory

  • Restaurant

  • Kennel

  • Rest Room

  • Fire Station

  • Warehouse


Watch this brief video to get your creative juices flowing for your custom garage makeover.

Then Call Custom Concrete to make it happen.

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Epoxy Floors-UCF Campus-Vero Beach


Robert Ricker

"The best skilled and awesome customer service. I will have them do my next project. Thanks"

Bob Erdman

"Best there is. John C. has mad skills. Plus he's a truly great guy."

Audrey R.

"So many people at our party Saturday complimented your work on our pool deck! One friend is a boat manufacturer and he’s building a new show room for his boats in Ft. Pierce. He’s very interested in having the wood plank look for the showroom. Another friend is wanting to resurface his pool deck as we did. On top of your good work, I shared how dependable and easy you were to work with. I hope these opportunities come to fruition for you. Dan (my husband) and I think you deserve it! I emailed a picture of your business card to Dan and he will forward it to our friends."

Adrian S.

"Thank you so much for the job…the floor is fantastic!"

Maria C.

"Look What just arrived!! Now you must come to NH!!! Sending a big hug!!!! Thank you Thank you!!! We love it!!!"

Patti C.

"I'd be happy to recommend your work to anyone looking for creative quality concrete products at a fair price."

Tamara G.

"I still love the floors! No cracking either :)